Parenting and Caregiver Support

Parent or Caregiver specific services such as parenting support and parent-child relationship building are offered.

Parent and Caregiver Support

Being a parent or caregiver is one of the most important jobs; however, it is not always the easiest. Parenting support is offered to assist parents with finding the right parenting approaches and styles that work for their unique family. Each family is different in the composition, the way it functions, and the goals for family interactions. The right combination of parenting techniques is discovered by discussing goals, parent and child strengths, areas of challenge for family members, needs of the family, as well as personalities of the family members.

Parent-Child Relationship Building

Building positive relationships with children can be a struggle for families. Or, sometimes parents or caregivers would like to further develop an already healthy parent-child relationship. Parent-child relationship building offers parents and caregivers an opportunity to learn basic play therapy techniques to apply with children at home. With the tools learned, parents and care givers are able to provide emotional support to their children, establish and enhance a healthy parent-child relationship, and create appropriate boundaries.



Children who are involved in parent-child relationship building may experience the same benefits as play therapy in addition to the following:

  • Be more able to tell parents what they need and what is worrying them
  • Trust their parents more
  • Establish healthy attachment


Parents and Caregivers who are involved in  parent-child relationship building may experience the following benefits:

  • Understand their child’s worries and other feelings more fully
  • Learn new skills for encouraging cooperation from their children
  • Enjoy playing with their children and giving them positive attention
  • Increase their listening skills and develop open communication with their children
  • Develop self confidence as parents
  • Become more able to trust their children
  • Deal in new ways with frustrations in family life
  • Increase sensitivity to their children’s needs
  • Increase positive perception of their children
  • Increase knowledge and use of effective parenting skills


Families as a whole who are involved in parent-child relationship building may experience the following benefits:

  • Increase in security and closer relationship
  • Increase expression of appropriate affection
  • Increase playfulness and enjoyment in family
  • Improve problem solving and coping

Questions About Services?

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