LMHC Supervision Services

Congratulations on graduating from your graduate clinical program! That is a huge step in the process to become fully licensed by the New York State Education Department as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). The next hurdle is completing your contact hours under supervision. This stage can be daunting at first but you will find your way through it all.


Dr. Michelle Perepiczka is an eligible supervisor in the State of New York for those working towards licensure as a LMHC. She can assist you with developing your theoretical approach to counseling, advanced counseling skills, conceptualization skills, case note writing, assessment and treatment planning, and play therapy or sand tray techniques. Dr. Perepiczka has years of experience as a supervisor and clinician. She believes in supporting developing counselors and helping launch their careers.


During supervision sessions with Dr. Perepiczka, you would meet individually and/or in a group setting on a weekly basis. You will be asked to discuss your current client load and professional experiences during the past week. Feedback and training will be provided for specific counseling techniques of interest to you, assessment, treatment planning, ethics, theoretical approaches, and counselor self-care. You might be asked to bring in case notes or other means of counselor client interaction for skill building. Supervision will be tailored to your preferred theoretical style.


Online supervision is available on a periodic basis to meet the needs of supervisees. Work schedules with clients can become very busy, which makes attending weekly supervision appointments tough sometimes. In addition, there are times when professional consultations need to be done quickly. Thus, online supervision is offered when needed.


Registered Play Therapist Supervision Services

The journey to complete certification hours to be a Registered Play Therapist can be very rewarding. Selecting the right supervisor who is experienced and works well with you is an important step to this process. Dr. Michelle Perepiczka can help play therapists in training develop introductory to advanced play therapy skills to effectively work with diverse children who present with a wide range of childhood struggles.


There are multiple benefits of choosing to work with Dr. Michelle Perepiczka for play therapy supervision. First, Dr. Michelle Perepiczka is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT-S) with the Association for Play Therapy. The association reviewed her work and endorsed her as an approved supervisor. The Association for Play Therapy recognizes the quality supervision Dr. Michelle Perepiczka provides.


Second, completed play therapy training hours are more valuable when working with Dr. Michelle Perepiczka. The Association for Play Therapy recognizes 1 hour of play therapy work with children as 1.5 hours when working with a RPT-S. Essentially, supervisees may earn time and a half towards the required certification hours with working with Dr. Michelle Perepiczka. For example, if 5 hours of play therapy sessions were completed in one week and Dr. Michelle Perepiczka provided supervision, then 7.5 hours are recorded for certification.


Working with Dr. Michelle Perepiczka for play therapy supervision increases quality of supervision received, reduces time spent in supervision, and reduces the overall expense of supervision.


Supervisees please note effective January 1, 2020, hours earned toward the supervised play therapy experience and supervision requirements for RPT and RPT-S applications must be under the supervision of an RPT-S only.  Any supervised play therapy experience and supervision hours accrued prior to January 1, 2020 will be accepted provided they fall under the current guidelines. Connect with APT directly for specific questions regarding this change.


Traditional in office and periodic online supervision is available for play therapy supervisees.

Training Services

Dr. Michelle Perepiczka provides training on various topics throughout the course of the year such as Play Therapy. Please check back for updates on upcoming trainings.


Questions About Services

If you have any questions about services for professionals or would like to chat with Dr. Michelle Perepiczka, feel free to call (212) 470-7264 or send an email to Dr.Perepiczka@gmail.com.